C.M.S. Link with Olo Diocese

Contact Gayle Hanna  Tel: 028 90342907

Through the Church Mission Society Ireland (CMSI),
Carnmoney parish has partnered with Olo Diocese in South Sudan. 

Until seven years ago, Olo Diocese was part of Maridi Diocese. Olo is near the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which brings challenges. 

Bishop Tandema Obed was appointed in 2017. A year later, as war raged, the town was destroyed and its residents became internal refugees. Upon return the people found the only places left standing were the Church and the Bishop’s house. Much rebuilding has taken place and one of the most important buildings is a small medical clinic, at present run by a missionary. Two local people are undertaking studies at the Maridi Health Institute and will become health workers at the clinic. The tuition of Flower, the student midwife, is being paid for by Carnmoney. Bishop Tandema’s priorities for rebuilding are health and education.

“The only hope that is there for people is God and the church. With recent support that people got, they are hopeful and know that God, through his church, does not forget people.”

If you’d like to join our group in supporting Olo or receive more information about CMSI, then please contact Gayle Hanna on 028 9034 2907.