nicholas Grimshaw

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Born: 1714
Died: 19th March 1777
Introduced the cotton textile industry into Ireland

Grimshaw Family Monument

Erected In Loving Memory By J.R. Grimshaw
There are two additional Grimshaw plots in the churchyard as well; approximately forty-five Grimshaws altogether, with their spouses and children, are interred in Carnmoney cemetery

More Information

Nicholas Grimshaw was from Blackburn and emigrated to Ireland in about 1776. He started the cotton textile industry when he built the first cotton twist mill in 1784. His first mill was situated at Greencastle and then Whitehouse.

Nicholas Grimshaw of Preston in Lancashire
Died 19th March 1777 Aged 63 Years

Susannah his Wife, Daughter of John Briercliffe Esq.
Died 27th October 1777 Aged 62 Years

Nicholas Grimshaw Esq. of Whitehouse
Died 28th February 1805 Aged 57 Years

Mary his Wife, Daughter of Edmund Wrigley of Lancashire
Died October 31st 1801 Aged 52 Years

James Grimshaw
Died 23rd March 1866 Aged 94 Years

Alice his Wife, Daughter of R. Robinson of Stewartstown
Died 1st March 1811 Aged 42 Years

James Grimshaw
Died 14th January 1857 Aged 55 Years

Mary his Wife, Daughter of John Templeton of Cranmore
Died 7th August 1881 Aged 72 Years

Robert Robinson Grimshaw
Died 19th March 1816 Aged 22 Years

Getty Grimshaw
Died 8th March 1813 Aged 13 Years

John Grimshaw
Died 13th April 1824 Aged 2 Years
Buried in Kilgobbin near Dublin

Alicia Grimshaw
Died March 1848 1848 Aged 42 Years
Buried in Mt Gerome near Dublin

Marian Carre
Died 19th December 1829 Aged 30 Years

John Templeton Grimshaw
Died 27th April 1863 Aged 21 Years
Buried at Bagneres de Bigorre, France

Alicia Grimshaw
Died 18th July 1856 Aged 20 Years

Kathleen Grimshaw
Died 27th September 1870 Aged 31 Years

Mary Grimshaw
Died 12th March 1878 Aged 32 Years