All Aboard Online

All Aboard Online - Session 1

This first online Session of the All Aboard programme is based on the story of Daniel and his 3 friends brought to Babylon as captives and how they continue to faithfully serve God. The sessions will contain stories, activities, quizzes, prayers and more. We are looking forward to having you join with us.

All Aboard Online - Session 2

This week's session is all about Daniel's friends Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and how they stood up to the King and refused to worship his golden statue because they would only worship God. What would you have done in their situation?

All Aboard Online - Session 3

This week our All Aboard Online session is all about Daniel and the Lions. Explore this bible story through song, story, a quiz, a game and much more.

All Aboard Online - Session 4

This week's video is based on the bible story 'The Road to Emmaus' When two sad and weary disciples head home to Emmaus on a Sunday afternoon 3 days after the crucifixion of Jesus, they meet a stranger who journeys along with them.

All Aboard Online - Session 5

In this week's session we learn how Jesus met with his disciples many times after he had risen from the dead. He gathered them together to share some important final words before he went back to heaven. Find out more through storytelling, a quiz discussion, a prayer activity and a fun cooking activity.

All Aboard Online - Session 6

This Sunday it’s Pentecost Sunday and so All Aboard Online is all about celebrating the birthday of the church – the day when the Holy Spirit came and filled the disciples just as Jesus had promised. In this week’s session we learn how the Helper that Jesus told the disciples to wait for finally 

All Aboard Online - Session 7

This week we are looking at how the disciples of Jesus had power to heal people and do miracles after they had received the gift of the Holy Spirit. We are exploring the theme through storytelling, a quiz, a challenge, a prayer activity and some drama.

All Aboard Online - Session 8

Session 8 is all about Jesus the good shepherd and looks at the story of the Lost Sheep. We explore the theme through storytelling, a quiz, a puppet sketch and a prayer activity.